KIAF2013 - The 12th Korea International Art Fair

Event Description

The largest Asian art market, Korea International Art Fair (KIAF) is hosted by Korea Galleries Association, and will be held at Seoul COEX Hall A & B on OCT 7th (WED) – OCT 11th (SUN), 2015. 

Each year KIAF hosts a meaningful country as a Guest country of honor and introduces the country’s galleries and artists to the domestic art market as well as the diversity of contemporary art, which vitalizes the art market. England, Australia, Spain, France, Germany, Latin America, India, China, and other countries have been hosted as Guest countries of honor and are experiencing a positive reaction in the domestic art market. For such experience about 20 countries’ 180 galleries are participating in KIAF annually.

KIAF attracts prominent global art collectors and any art related people to Korea, aims to establish an order in the circulation of art, and vitalize the art market through the expansion of clientele as well as the art market.

Event Type

: Exhibition

Participating Galleries

180 Galleries from 11 Countries


: Coex – COEX Convention & Exhibition Center

Official Event Web Site

Click for official site of KIAF 2015

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